Saturday, February 6, 2010

a conglomeration of things that happened recently.

Yesterday I went to an art exhibition for young artists via our school art program. Students in their final year of high school submit a portfolio of six works of art from their high school careers for judging and a scholarship to Kilgore College (which isn't a very nice school, but winning the contest looks good on a resumé). The day overall was rather drab, but I met a brilliant young photographer, Nicholas Hébert (pronounced a-bear). When we were released for lunch, the two of us wandered over to a local Presbyterian church where he snapped a few photos of me that I would like to share with you now.

I love the view in my glasses. Have a close-up.
It was cold, so my face is especially red.

Also, I had a bit of a style crisis yesterday. Because everyone at my school dresses so generically, I feel like my style is quite progressive, at least for my surroundings. But then at the art contest, there were several people dressed in clothes I would probably wear. It made me realize that if I really want to stand out later on, I need to step it up in the clothes department and stop caring so much what people at my school might think. Either way, here are some shots of what I wore yesterday under my coat. First, a photo Nicholas edited that my friend Tori took.

I wish I had this photo in color so you could see his outfit. Fabulous!

I'm refusing to show this as a straight forward shot because I look fat.

Shot from the back.

I recieved Grace Coddington's Catwalk Cats book in the mail two days ago, and I'm obsessed. Have a few scans.

This is amazing for so many reasons that many of you will never understand. But I kind of died.

I... just have a thing about Grace's hair, and Grace + Cats.

THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS. I can't even deal with this. Like. REALLY.

I took more, but I really have to go take care of some things. Like.. not eating an entire pizza no matter how much I want to. xx


  1. Rei Kawakubo? :)
    You look really good in that outfit! It (usually) doesn't matter what others think, as long as you like it!

  2. Yes, REI! From Comme des Garcons. I kind of worship Rei.

  3. That outfit is wonderful! I think that you should never stifle your fashionable creativity even if your entire school is watching how you dress. You look fabulous

    and that book is so cool!!

  4. My Macbook is being gross so your photos only load halfway, though from what I can see you look incredibly gorgeous...? As I said I can only see half of your outfit shots but it seems to look a little McQueen, like a mash-up of S/S '09 and S/S '08. A+.

    Ok this is so coincidental but I scanned that EXACT page from Catwalk Cats and now I am super jealous that you posted an entry with it before I did DAMN. Procrastination.

  5. Charlie: THank you. That's a good philosophy to have. And I KNOW! It's brilliant.

    Kate: Aww. You're too sweet. And ohgod ohgod, McQueen. <3 <3 <3 etc.

    THAT MADE MY LIFE. Would it be too much to print it and hang it on my wall? I'm starting a collage wall so maybe I'll just hang it with that as opposed to framing. Idk.

  6. Wear how you feel, all day every day. It will make you feel so much better!

  7. That outfit looks so great on you!

    Lord, high school...I didn't hate it, but would never go back. Most say you're trying to find yourself during that time, but like me, you seem to have found yourself, you're just doubting. I hope you are better than me and don't care and just show yourself, because in the end it will be so much more rewarding, but don't sweat it, after high school is so much easier.