Thursday, May 6, 2010

substance. and tilda swinton.

This is the promised substancial entry. It's essentially highlighting all the modeling Tilda Swinton as done as of late. God help me, I adore that woman.
All images from The Fashion Spot.

Sup Tilda in ES Magazine. She's wearing LANVIN. Okay let's discuss how my favorite ad campaign of the season pretty much is Lanvin. But Tilda is so masculine (or eh, "gender neutral" whatever) that the flow of the Lanvin makes a nice contrast.

I'm basically obsessed with the ENTIRE Pomellato jewelery campaign that Tilda did. Her hair is super bombass and I can't even handle how awesome it looks. I totally hotlinked these which makes me feel bad but it's the only time I ever have so whatever.

The purple with the ring just murders me, but not as much as her hair in the yellow shot. I can't stop rambling over this campaign. I need to hush.

DAZED AND CONFUSED DAZED AND CONFUSED DAZED AND CONFUSED. Ahem. Sorry about that. I'm just too busy STILL OBSESSING OVER TILDA'S HAIR. This isn't even her real hair and I'm still flipping.

The CURLS, ya'll. They're so vuluptuous and pretty and I just can't even.

I know the next perfume I'M buying. Well after Lola but whatever. Like This by Etat Libre d’Orange.

SHE'S COPYING HER FACE. I feel like maybe this is something Tilda would do anyway, like when she got drunk. It would be pretty freaking amazing if she did, actually.

Holy hell. The androgyny of this picture is like. Can't deal. So much of Tilda is just too much for me to handle. The Pringle of Scotland ad campaign will probably be hanging on my wall within the week.

Basically I could go on for days about how this lady is a total fashion icon, sexy mama, and unparalleled actress, but that would be boring. Pictures are always more fun.