Saturday, February 27, 2010

some fashion show reviews (late, as expected), dvf + anna= bff, etc.

So much to touch on. I've spent the day being an awkward person, no big deal. Also I cleaned out a kitchen for these super old people who collect things like Edie Beale so that was gross.

Annnnnnyway, I promised to address New York Fashion Week, so forever after everyone else, I will.

The first collection I'm going to talk about is Erin Fetherstone, because I don't think many people have mentioned it. I got a totally 70's vibe from it, and lately I've been loving the 70's. A few people I know brushed it off as boring, but I really adore it, mostly because it's SUPER wearable. I can honestly see myself in, like, 85%, of these clothes. My favorites were:

These prints were to die for. They're birds, if you can't tell. Also the velvet pants in the first look so much. I'm so ready for velvet, (she says again).

These semi-sheer outfits follow the whole sheer trend while being EVER SO SLIGHTLY more conservative, and by that I mean not at all because lace makes the clothes seem more.. erotic? than plain sheerness. The cardigan reminds me of the Rodarte for Target one I have, but only a little.

And on to the jackets. The first of these looks like something I would wear basically every day, and the other are velvet. By now, I assume you know my feelings on velvet. They're also extremely well cut; I'm a sucker for thinly cut (like, the front pieces? God I fail at fashion commentary) jackets.

There's only two parts to this look that were favorites of mine: the flowy, sheer sleeved shirt. I'm absolutely obsessed with the bows-up-the-front pattern of the first one, and the scarf and overall feel of the second look is so nice. I just love this collection, you guys. I really do.

Finally, three completely unrelated and all devastatingly gorgeous dresses. The first is more casual, obviously and something I'd want to wear shopping or whatever. The second I'm going to wear to prom, k thanks. The third is SO CUTE I CAN' EVEN STAND IT. The peekaboo tulle at the top sends it over the edge, and it's a nice color. I think it's my favorite piece of the collection because it is SO SIMPLE. Anyway.

Secondly, Alexander Wang. I know this has been talked about to death and I probably have NO new insight, but I'm totally head over heels for his gray knits. The first trend of his collection I want to highlight is the LEG THINGYS. I don't even know exactly what to call them (does anyone?) so we'll go with footless thigh highs. I. Need. Some. Do you think they'd be easy to DIY? We shall see. Also in these photos, the lace details, especially on Karlie's look (center).

Okay this gets its own photo because FAVORITE OF EVER I NEED THIS CARDIGAN THING OMG OMG OMG.It's everything I love about knits, and draped so stunningly. I need it in my life.

God now I'm lazy. I'll do a FULL alllll fashion week favorites later (rather than sooner).

Moving on to our next portion: DVF and Anna Wintour are so bff. This upcoming spam is so necessary, admit it. I love them both too terribly much, and they are besties because I said so. Plus, the proof is in the pictures. :P

"Oh my gosh, Anna, look at her butt! It's so.. big and round."
...........................that is such a cheap joke. Sue me. It's 2 am.

Strollin' down the street, probably shoppin' and gossipin' like BFFs do.

I have so many more photos of them but at this time of night I'm out of captions. Sorry.

Okay enough spam.

To finish up, what I wore today.

velvet dress, goodwill.
tights, wet seal.
shoes, goodwill.
scarf, rodarte for target (came with gray sweater)

ALSO ALSO I took this from Bonjour Girl, but this movie looks so great.

Tiny Furniture Trailer from Lena Dunham on Vimeo.


  1. Haha, nice caption for the DVF and Anna photo. I'm not sure where any of those photos I posted were taken, the photographer is from Spain but definitely travels and has shot for Vogue and other magazines. Not much info on his website though.

  2. holy crap. this movie has pretty much captured my life in like 2 minutes. haha well not closely captured..but just about. love movies that don't exaggerate life too much and keep it real.. you have a great blog here, will be back!


  3. I like those tights! I think the commentary is spot on, but I don't think I can wear those legwarmers from Alexander Wang.(They would cost too much too.) :)

  4. Great post... I am loving the black velvet fabrics !!! Thx for visiting my blog... as you always seem to make me laugh with your funny comments :) Mon Mode Blog

  5. Well all my attention went to fringes while looking through these catwalk pics.
    And hey, Landice! I like the way you write, your style is simply adorable with great piece of excellent humour! Bravo, will follow you with pleasure :)
    And hi, I'm Masha.

  6. Hey, I literally just came across your blog when I was looking at fashion pirates. I really like the way you write, your sense of humour is like mine :-) I think your tights are groovy, I'd love to buy a pair like it...