Saturday, February 27, 2010

some fashion show reviews (late, as expected), dvf + anna= bff, etc.

So much to touch on. I've spent the day being an awkward person, no big deal. Also I cleaned out a kitchen for these super old people who collect things like Edie Beale so that was gross.

Annnnnnyway, I promised to address New York Fashion Week, so forever after everyone else, I will.

The first collection I'm going to talk about is Erin Fetherstone, because I don't think many people have mentioned it. I got a totally 70's vibe from it, and lately I've been loving the 70's. A few people I know brushed it off as boring, but I really adore it, mostly because it's SUPER wearable. I can honestly see myself in, like, 85%, of these clothes. My favorites were:

These prints were to die for. They're birds, if you can't tell. Also the velvet pants in the first look so much. I'm so ready for velvet, (she says again).

These semi-sheer outfits follow the whole sheer trend while being EVER SO SLIGHTLY more conservative, and by that I mean not at all because lace makes the clothes seem more.. erotic? than plain sheerness. The cardigan reminds me of the Rodarte for Target one I have, but only a little.

And on to the jackets. The first of these looks like something I would wear basically every day, and the other are velvet. By now, I assume you know my feelings on velvet. They're also extremely well cut; I'm a sucker for thinly cut (like, the front pieces? God I fail at fashion commentary) jackets.

There's only two parts to this look that were favorites of mine: the flowy, sheer sleeved shirt. I'm absolutely obsessed with the bows-up-the-front pattern of the first one, and the scarf and overall feel of the second look is so nice. I just love this collection, you guys. I really do.

Finally, three completely unrelated and all devastatingly gorgeous dresses. The first is more casual, obviously and something I'd want to wear shopping or whatever. The second I'm going to wear to prom, k thanks. The third is SO CUTE I CAN' EVEN STAND IT. The peekaboo tulle at the top sends it over the edge, and it's a nice color. I think it's my favorite piece of the collection because it is SO SIMPLE. Anyway.

Secondly, Alexander Wang. I know this has been talked about to death and I probably have NO new insight, but I'm totally head over heels for his gray knits. The first trend of his collection I want to highlight is the LEG THINGYS. I don't even know exactly what to call them (does anyone?) so we'll go with footless thigh highs. I. Need. Some. Do you think they'd be easy to DIY? We shall see. Also in these photos, the lace details, especially on Karlie's look (center).

Okay this gets its own photo because FAVORITE OF EVER I NEED THIS CARDIGAN THING OMG OMG OMG.It's everything I love about knits, and draped so stunningly. I need it in my life.

God now I'm lazy. I'll do a FULL alllll fashion week favorites later (rather than sooner).

Moving on to our next portion: DVF and Anna Wintour are so bff. This upcoming spam is so necessary, admit it. I love them both too terribly much, and they are besties because I said so. Plus, the proof is in the pictures. :P

"Oh my gosh, Anna, look at her butt! It's so.. big and round."
...........................that is such a cheap joke. Sue me. It's 2 am.

Strollin' down the street, probably shoppin' and gossipin' like BFFs do.

I have so many more photos of them but at this time of night I'm out of captions. Sorry.

Okay enough spam.

To finish up, what I wore today.

velvet dress, goodwill.
tights, wet seal.
shoes, goodwill.
scarf, rodarte for target (came with gray sweater)

ALSO ALSO I took this from Bonjour Girl, but this movie looks so great.

Tiny Furniture Trailer from Lena Dunham on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

i make a fool of myself, finally unveil my lame photoshop skills, wear red.

Hi there. So you can basically ignore my last entry, crisis (hopefully) averted, me feeling like a stalker still stands, but hopefully this will be fixed and I can stop being ~delusional and weird and um KATE I'M SORRY I SEND AWKWARD EMAILS AND I STILL REALLY WANT TO BE AWESOME ANNA, COMME, US VOGUE, & TAVI WORSHIPPING FRIENDS EMAIL ME PLEASEEEEEEE. Yeah. Definitely went farther with that than I planned.

Moving on from yet another moment of creeperness, let's discuss March Vogue. *Inspired* by Kate W. (of kasmslo and the above paragraph fame) and her monthly Vogue reviews, I took a couple photos of the things I liked, but am not going to go into full worshipful detail on the issue because... that's Kate's deal. So you should all just leave my blog and go read hers because it's more entertaining/intense/witty/etc.


I tried to think of a t-shirt slogan and could only come up with "Let's bone, Lara Stone." And just... no. Not okay.



And this is where we interrupt me talking about Vogue to talk about Lara.


And in Interview Magazine.

"STONE: I hate walking down a runway in really high heels.

(MARC) JACOBS: Really? I thought you always wore high heels!

STONE: I'm terrible in high heels. I'm so bad."

Mmhmm. YEAH. That happened. It made me smile so big, because I HAVE FLAT FEET.


Back to the Bib- I mean Vogue.

I think Queen Anna and G Coddz and the entire team at US Vogue wants me dead because this was in the March issue AS WELL as Lara.

Observe the arm/leg tattoos in this editorial.

Now observe Karlie backstage at Rodarte S/S 2010 in FULL TATTOO ARMS.

Mmmhmm. Yeah.
/Most obvious thing ever, but.

Then observe this description. Is it legible? I hope so. I laughed SO HARD.

And continuing on the theme of my complete obsession with Rodarte. THIS WAS THERE TOO.

I have more to say but too lazy and this entry is already tl;dr.

Here is me in a red shirt I thrifted this week + a too-big blacck belt. More fatness.

I sat in my grandmother's living room to go along with my little old lady self.

And this one to display the amazing buttons on my sleeves.

And one last one to show off my creepy cat pin and the buttons on the neck.

And to wrap up this longest post evahhhhhh, pictures of my finally silver a la Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2010 fingernails, complete with the band-aid I doodled WWAD (What Would Anna Do) on today during class. So blurry.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Do you ever have a moment where you google something random to see what comes up and then it takes you to a blog and you realize the person will SEE what you google searched and then be able to see how often you look at their blog for inspiration or just to show friends how awesome they are? Because that just happened to me and now that person is going to think I'm a stalker. AWESOME. Thanks life, I love you. Not.

Sunday, February 21, 2010



I was going to do an outfit post, but then I was an imbecile and sliced my finger open and now it looks totally gross and bandaged, so you get something else. Because I am a social outcast, freak, and fangirl I recently purchased W magazine from February 2003. The reason? An editorial not BY but ABOUT Divine Goddess Grace Coddington. Today I decided to scan (part of) it for you wonderful readers of mine. All six of you.

AND MY FAVORITE EVER EVER EVER EVER TAKEN. Thank you, Bruce. You are amazing. Xoxo, etc.

Oh, also I went shopping at Goodwill today and bought a helluva lot of ~VELVET because I am so excited for that trend being so prominent at NYFW. (Hollllla.) Then I went to Barnes & Noble and splurged on magazines like I do EVERY month. So yeah.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

various accumulated scanned things.

It's been a few happy, lazy days around these parts. Snow in Texas happened, and it was shocking. I bought 30 Rock Season 3 to fawn over Alec Baldwin (someone please explain this infatuation to me NOW). I demolished the on-sale selection of Rodarte for Target at my local Target, which was The Best Part. Also, I scanned some things I've collected over time. So have those.

Diane Von Furstenberg is one of my favorite designers. Maybe it's my inner middle aged woman or something, but her wrap dresses dance in my dreams.

Everything about this Lanvin ad. Just everything.

Kate & Laura in animal ears. If you don't love this, you have no heart.

I can't even remember where I got this, but it's basically my favorite ever for practically no reason.

ELLEgirl was the first magazine I subscribed to. They did awesome stuff like this.

Lastly, the new Lara LV ad because LARAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Ahem.

And that is my various scanned things I found recently post.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

13 Days.

There are a total of 13 (not counting today) days until February 23. Why is this a significant day, you ask? THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE DVD IS BEING RELEASED WITH 90 MINUTES OF ADDITIONAL FOOTAGE. It's enough to turn my world on its ear. I've been waiting for that day for far too long. Also Nurse Jackie Season 1 is being released that day, yay. But THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE. Who else is jizzing in their J Brand blue jeans freaking out!?

Monday, February 8, 2010

death by sweater.

I took some of your advice and stopped caring about the funny looks I get at school. Also, convinced Mom to stop trying to suppress my style. She finally relented and said I can wear anything within the limits of the dress code. Victory. Today I wore a GIANT black sweater with silver detailing that I stole from my grandma, white leggings from Walmart (oh yeah, so cool), and some silver flats that are by now super scuffed. Also, I have a bow tie (funny story how that happened actually... An old guy on a cruise ship gave it to me. I won't go in to details, but it's hilarious.) and I was playing around with it. I slipped it over my head and VOILA headband.

...I feel like I should keep reminding you that I'm NOT fat, I just always look huge. I'm a size three, which isn't tiny but it isn't exactly ginormous.

I'm at my friend's house, and this is with her stepmother's camera, so the photos aren't of the usual quality AND they have date stamps. But it's whatever.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

a conglomeration of things that happened recently.

Yesterday I went to an art exhibition for young artists via our school art program. Students in their final year of high school submit a portfolio of six works of art from their high school careers for judging and a scholarship to Kilgore College (which isn't a very nice school, but winning the contest looks good on a resumé). The day overall was rather drab, but I met a brilliant young photographer, Nicholas Hébert (pronounced a-bear). When we were released for lunch, the two of us wandered over to a local Presbyterian church where he snapped a few photos of me that I would like to share with you now.

I love the view in my glasses. Have a close-up.
It was cold, so my face is especially red.

Also, I had a bit of a style crisis yesterday. Because everyone at my school dresses so generically, I feel like my style is quite progressive, at least for my surroundings. But then at the art contest, there were several people dressed in clothes I would probably wear. It made me realize that if I really want to stand out later on, I need to step it up in the clothes department and stop caring so much what people at my school might think. Either way, here are some shots of what I wore yesterday under my coat. First, a photo Nicholas edited that my friend Tori took.

I wish I had this photo in color so you could see his outfit. Fabulous!

I'm refusing to show this as a straight forward shot because I look fat.

Shot from the back.

I recieved Grace Coddington's Catwalk Cats book in the mail two days ago, and I'm obsessed. Have a few scans.

This is amazing for so many reasons that many of you will never understand. But I kind of died.

I... just have a thing about Grace's hair, and Grace + Cats.

THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS. I can't even deal with this. Like. REALLY.

I took more, but I really have to go take care of some things. Like.. not eating an entire pizza no matter how much I want to. xx