Thursday, January 28, 2010

this is me, being ridiculous.

I decided today to try and look like Anna Wintour, since now I have the haircut and such. I'm not a tenth as ADORABLE/AMAZING/GORGEOUS as our Lady Anna, Queen of Vogue and I probably got the outfit all wrong (who cares, it was early) but I did a) curl my hair under a la Anna and b) wear a necklace that I am fairly certain Anna would like. So judge me. At least this'll be good for laughs. (Also WHUT I'm making an outfit post THE DAY I WORE AN OUTFIT?! Insanity.)

I wish I had kitten heels or something, but alas.

Also, I'm doing this art competition through the school and I have to collage something "personal." To me, nothing gets more personal than my purse. So I removed some embarrassing things and spilled my purse out on my bed to shoot the guide photo. I took a photo of the outside of my bag today on the seventies carpet. So I'll add that in, too.

I got this purse in July at Target for like $22 and it's lasted ever since. I switch out between this and my smaller Coach saddle bag because sometimes I just need to carry the contents of my room around with me, and that won't fit in the Coach. You might recognize the scarf I thrifted Saturday, and I embellished it with an old brooch of my grandmother's.

The contents of my bag. This actually kind of sums up my life right now? From l-r, you have my new 80 GB iPod Classic (aka external organ #1), wallet, Anna-esque sunglasses (almost typed sunnies. I talk to too many Aussies), my current cell phone (a Razr since my old one broke), random fake pearls that I wore to prom and wear ALL THE TIME now practically, an Anna Wintour biography, the January issue of Vogue, "Seamless" from Netflix, Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume, a sharpie, a USB drive (not even mine, lolz. Mine was too big to fit in the photo so I borrowed my grandma's), and Chanel lipgloss that is practically empty.

And to end this post, two epic photos of Grace Coddington, aka my mother on Facebook.

She has got to be like, the greatest old lady ever. Strike that, GREATEST CRAZY OLD CAT LADY EVER. I want her to be my surrogate grandmother (if that term even makes sense) and pick out my clothes for school and make me pick up her cats from the vet. /non-creepy. Totally. Non. Creepy. Also if Grace was the grandma, I'd probably meet Anna no problem. Which would be an A+ thing for me.

Let's arrange for me to look like this. Somebody, get on it. I love this photo of young!Grace because it's so dramatic. The composition is gorgeous, that single curl of hair, and the way she's staring deep into your SOUL. Stunning.

On that note. xx