Sunday, March 7, 2010

oscars and shit.

I waited till the last minute, wasn't familiar with all the categories, and took the lazy way out. This is mostly for reference later. Feel free to mock me.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

grace + cats= otp.

I don't have time to do a picspam over the entire September Issue film, so here, enjoy a mini-spam of Grace Coddington's foray into the country, from the Bonus Features disc.

The outside of her house.

Her cat, Bart. He freaking WINKS or something, and it scares the hell out of me.

The art..... of cats. All of it, CATS CATS CATS.

I just... have no words for this. None. I'm so dead.


And DRAWINGS of her cats. So basically the Catwalk Cats book ON HER WALL.

Then she goes out to her garden to get her other cat, Pumpkin. He tries to run, but he doesn't stand a chance.

She scoops him up and looks adorable, basically. GEEZ GRACE STOP BEING SO CUTE.


Bonus, from PAPER magazine.

And then a picture of what I'm wearing today, because it's SPRING and WARM.

Jumper, Target. Cardigan, Target. Flats, Payless. Yeah, I'm cheap.

Friday, March 5, 2010

being intellectual (not really).

I would post things, but I'm on dial-up (The SHOCK! The HORROR!), which I didn't even know still existed until Isabel mentioned it not long ago. Here I find myself in the same boat, and lemme tell you: It sucks. I've been putting on my Smart Glasses (not really, all glasses look awful on me), consuming upwards of four pots of coffee per day, and actually reading something that isn't a magazine again.

This week I ~finally finished my Anna Wintour biography which may or may not be accurate, and a great book called Snapped by Pamela Klaffke. The Anna bio is obviously about Anna, but Snapped follows Sara B. (which totally freaks me out because I have a friend who runs a theatre/opera/etc blog who goes by SaraH B.) as she goes through a mid-life crisis consisting mainly of not being able to feel out what's cool anymore, something she has based her whole career on. There's an All About Eve-esque character named Eva (who sets about calling herself Eva B.), trying to take Sara's job at the fictitious Canadian indie magazine Snap, where Sara runs the weekly DO's and DON'Ts page. Throw in some dry humor, an old lady with an obscenely large magazine collection, parrots, and sex and Pamela Klaffke actually has a really hilarious book. READ IT.

Fixing a broken link, THIS is my signed DVD of The September Issue.

Also, in the mail today, I recieved a plethora of Australian theatre memorabilia (which is one of my random obsessions, don't even ask) and a playbill of TALLULAH BANKHEAD (my goddess) in Noel Coward's Private Lives from the late 30's.

I'm ecstatic. Now excuse me while I go watch Grace's extra scene on TSI DVD of her showing off her country home. The main theme? CATS, DUHHH.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

prized possession.

Um oh hi personalized autograph from Grace Coddington. The September Issue three disc DVD is MINE and I'm in love.