Monday, February 8, 2010

death by sweater.

I took some of your advice and stopped caring about the funny looks I get at school. Also, convinced Mom to stop trying to suppress my style. She finally relented and said I can wear anything within the limits of the dress code. Victory. Today I wore a GIANT black sweater with silver detailing that I stole from my grandma, white leggings from Walmart (oh yeah, so cool), and some silver flats that are by now super scuffed. Also, I have a bow tie (funny story how that happened actually... An old guy on a cruise ship gave it to me. I won't go in to details, but it's hilarious.) and I was playing around with it. I slipped it over my head and VOILA headband.

...I feel like I should keep reminding you that I'm NOT fat, I just always look huge. I'm a size three, which isn't tiny but it isn't exactly ginormous.

I'm at my friend's house, and this is with her stepmother's camera, so the photos aren't of the usual quality AND they have date stamps. But it's whatever.


    Bows + awesome red sofa? Equals a good mix.

  2. I second (third?!) that, that sweater is beyond cute and I love the bow too!