Tuesday, February 9, 2010

13 Days.

There are a total of 13 (not counting today) days until February 23. Why is this a significant day, you ask? THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE DVD IS BEING RELEASED WITH 90 MINUTES OF ADDITIONAL FOOTAGE. It's enough to turn my world on its ear. I've been waiting for that day for far too long. Also Nurse Jackie Season 1 is being released that day, yay. But THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE. Who else is jizzing in their J Brand blue jeans freaking out!?


  1. I think it was released in the UK, but not the US yet! It's so exciting.

  2. Yeah TSI has been out in the UK for a while now, I was lucky enough to go to a press screening back in August and just got it on DVD, it's so amazing. Grace Coddington is a legend. But Anna needs to lighten up a little, fashion is meant to be fun!