Wednesday, January 27, 2010

successful garage sale-in'.

Last weekend, I went garage sale shopping. I didn't expect much out of the people around these parts, but there were a few pleasant surprises. I have a few pieces that I'm undecided about, but will probably wear anyway. I welcome (okay, beg) your opinion on my purchases. Enjoy and such.

Alright we'll start with what I wore, which again, makes me look huge. It was just a baggy dress.

Also I look rather gross, but let's ignore that. I'd been out all day, mmkay? Cut me slack.

The first stop wasn't planned and was actually really small, but I found a gray cardigan and some lime-ish moccasin things. I'm completely torn on whether to wear the moccasin-things or not, because they're so damn comfortable. We'll see.

At stop numero dos, a little (and when I say 'little,' I do mean LITTLE, like Size 2-3 shoes little) old lady had passed and left her clothing collection for the taking. Everything was super cheap and some of the shoes were AMAZING but sadly too small. Since I have a foot larger than, y'know, the average third grader. I snagged a green Mossimo purse from God only knows when, a FABULOUS wool coat (for 50 cents. Whut. I love my life sometimes.), and some suede shorts (yes I know).

I love the feminine pleats on the back of the jacket so much. <3

The bag is nothing special, but it was a quarter so whatever.
I didn't take a picture in the suede shorts because a) they're either brilliant or TERRIBLY, TERRIBLY WRONG and b) they don't exactly.. fit. YET.

The third and final attempt at shopping for the day was an estate sale. Unfortunately for me, the owner was like, a size 10, and I am not. But a few things there must have been someone else's and I picked them up. A purple jacket with sheer sleeves, a black-and-white spotted silk scarf (which is now tied to my purse), and a red belt.

Said red belt, me looking huge.

Scarf, currently tied on my purse.

I also bought some things last week, but I'm fallin' asleep at the keyboard so I'll post those another day. xx


  1. ALL YOUR FINDS ARE ADORABLE. Also I'm LOVING the moccasins and I wasn't sure I would. I am currently gonna let the little green jealousy monster out when I say OMG I WISH IT WAS WARM ENOUGH FOR GARAGE SAILING HERE!

  2. Thanks, Korianne! I'm glad SOMEONE loves my moccasins. I feel like I need the right outfit to wear them with, though...

  3. Wow I love your coat, oversized cardi & shoes!! I did not realize there is no H&M in Texas... thx for your sweet comment :) Mon Mode Blog

  4. ok missy when did you get bangs.
    how's the thrifting like in texas?

  5. Zanah: The coat is my very favorite thing possibly ever.

    Kate: I got bangs on... Friday, I think? I waited about two weeks for them and was excited when they finally happened. And in my town we have like... 0 thrift stores, so I'm looking around some local places to go.