Thursday, January 14, 2010

wintour weather alert.

You read right, I just went there with my title. How d'ya like me now, 5 subscribers? I felt like it was appropriate, since Texas had some intense "winter" weather last week, and I couldn't exactly dress well (without freezing what little ass I have off).

I braved the cold and wore this little number just the other day.

I know I look like.. a size 1 Million, but I swear it's a 3.
Also my webcam sucksucksucksssss.

There's actually not much to alert on, but I wanted to share some things that make me happy with you, because it seems like all I've done lately (not necessarily here, since I have what? Two posts?) but just in general. So here you have it, ladies and geraniums.

First up we have this belt, which I bought for 1cent. I kid you not.
..Okay, so it was at Wet Seal and they were having a buy-one-get-one-for-a-penny-sale but THAT IS NOT THE POINT. The point is: I GOT THIS FOR A PENNY. I also got matching four inch heels that I figured out I can't walk in due to a late onset realization that I have flat feet. Woe is me. And to think, this was a happy post. lmao. Nice job, self.

Next up we have the most used item in my school backpack. Is it a textbook or calculator or something?
Nope. It's my Vogue Collections Book. Basically I walked into our poor excuse for a Barnes & Noble and gravitated towards the magazine section. Lo and behold, HARK, this beautiful, beautiful thing called to me from behind a copy of Cosmopolitan. Actually, this was the same day I bought my Teen Vogue Handbook. Because, yeah, I bought one. WHATCHA GONNA DO ABOUT IT?!

Let's ignore how scratched/smudgy/whatever my iPod screen is and focus on the display.
Yeah, THAT'S RIGHT. I have The September Issue on my iPod for repeat viewing. I will not in a million years ever admit the playcount on that movie. It's just one of those things you have to keep to yourself in order to maintain your credibility. But for those guessing, it's in the double digits. :P I watch it nearly every day in history class, because our teacher is legit oblivious.

Moving on, I will readily and openly admit my perfume addiction. There is no logical reason why I need as much perfume as I have, especially since I tend to lose it. These are the three top perfumes, and for that reason, they do not leave my house. Not that I don't think they'd get easily lost here, come to think of it...

Left to right: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, Marc Jacobs Daisy, and Chanel Chance. I tend to wear Daisy everyday, Flowerbomb for special occasions, and Chance went I want to feel ~~SOPHISTICATED~~.

To be perfectly honest with you, dear reader, this bag is like my child. It's my Coach saddlebag, and just carrying it makes me feel happier and more confidence. /*~SUPER-FISH-ULL~*/.

It's kiiind of an old lady bag. At least, that's what all my friends say when they make fun of me for carrying it. MATTERS NOT. I love you, bag, and you will stay with me always.

So there you are. Some of the things that make me happy, taken with a shitty webcam camera. It's whatever, I guess. Working on getting a new digital (and maybe a camera stand huhwhaaaa!?). All shots were taken on my bed, in case you weren't informed of that by the wrinkled sheet motif. Okay? Okay.


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  2. Is that a Rodarte cardigan? I got the same one! I love the belt, too. It matches with your outfit.

  3. It is! And thank you, I got it on sale at Wet Seal. :D