Monday, January 11, 2010


Blog attempt #4.

Foregoing the usual formalities (Alright, basics at the end) here's my pathetic introduction post. I've attempted many, many a blog, but this time it's do or die. I'll fill it with my rather unusual, off-kilter, pretentious musings. I'm incredibly garrulous, and I'll often ramble. I'm deranged, disillusioned, and downright boring, some would say. I suppose only time will tell. My interests are swift and ever changing, but as you continue to examine my subconscious, you notice a few constants. I love theatre with a berserk abandon akin to that of a cult member. I've read Vogue from the age of 6, but only recently decided to start ~really paying attention to the goings on of the fashion world. I would rather be living in a George Cukor film. I worship at the church of Anna Wintour, but am forced to be the marimbist for the local Baptist church.

Pardon any stupidity from this corner.

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  1. Welcome to the blogosphere once more! I like the name. And you have a great, conversational style. Even though I live in a medium-size city, I do live vicariously through my friends who get to live in even larger ones, like New York.