Wednesday, January 28, 2015

purple haze & justice for all (parts)

         Hey there, gang! While I was out (for... five years) much has happened. The most recent, and certainly the coolest change I've made, is my hair. It's purple! Have some photos.

So... that's a change (for the better). My style as of late is very inspired by Rookie Magazine, Arabelle Sicardi, and my new fiancee (!!!), who wears a lot of plaid, collared shirts.

Another thing that's changed is I've become: queer as fuck, a rabid intersectional feminist, an online activist for trans (and specifically non-binary) people's rights, a hardcore warrior against anti-choicism (if that wasn't a word, it is now), and an employee at my local public library. So you can look forward to posts about those things, as well as my daily style, style crushes, and high and/or print fashion I'm digging at the time. I now identify as a demi-girl, also, but that's another concept for another post.

The first thing I want to address is my adoration for the lovely Lizz Winstead. Ms. Winstead, a founder of Lady Parts Justice, took time out of her day to respond to my query about the potentially cissexist connotations of her organization's name. 'Lady parts,' is referring to vaginas, something not exclusive to women/ladies, and an organ not all women have. However, she clarified that 'lady parts' is a reference to a quote. Check out her well-spoken explanation to a trans woman here

An excerpt summating it all:
"The name Lady Parts comes from a Michigan politician who was banned from the state senate floor for using vagina when talking about vaginal probes. We were talking and I said. 'I am afraid we will never win if men infantilize women and are uncomfortable saying vagina and insult us by using terms like lady parts.' We use it to show that saying things like 'lady Parts' is just one way women are treated like shit. Having said that, we do NOT look at gender as defined by your 'parts' We look at gender equality by how people identify so a trans man who feels alienated at the gyno gets us to stand up and fight as well as a trans woman who would like to get prostate exam with dignity. WHAT EVER PEOPLE NEED is what we stand for and fight for." -Lizz Winstead

So, thanks for reading, kids. And as I said: watch this space!

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